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Morning Musings - High tide at Yuletide

There is nothing quite as beautiful as Tea Gardens at high tide. It’s king tide season.

9am and I’m out for breakfast. The ferry passes by the window of the cafe. Getting ready to go back and forth between here and Nelson Bay. I imagine lots of happy people on board excited for a sighting of dolphins. That never gets boring!

The tide has now turned and is on the way out. It will be high again late this afternoon.

Tea gardens will expect a 2 metre high late morning tide Christmas Eve and Xmas day. That is worthy of a long slow stroll by the river. Especially with the water being so clear at the moment. No Tea coloured water this time of year.

I’m observing the foot traffic past the cafe. A lady struggling to get control of her ever-sniffing spaniel. A jogger, breathing deeply. Exhaling and puffing out her cheeks. A family with fishing rods and the optimistic bucket for the elusive river fish!

This will be our first Christmas in Tea Gardens, Lunch first on the Central Coast with Family and then back to Tea Gardens for dinner. My boys will be joining us along with the youngest’s partner. We are currently renovating so making the back veranda look nice will be a challenge but nothing a long string of fairy lights and a well decorated table can’t fix.

Off to open the boutique. A gentleman is waiting patiently to enter. He has a look around while I set up and then I am ready to assist. I jokingly tell him he is shopping a bit early, as most men leave it till Christmas Eve. He’s shopping for his little sister who lives in the country. He does well. A lovely dress, bees wax wraps and some beautifully scented soaps. What a great brother! This has me thinking of a customer yesterday. Lovely bloke named Richard. He’s shopping for ‘The Missus’. I used the same line – bit early isn’t it? We laugh and he informs me that he’s out to impress this year. He will. He leaves with a gorgeous Ruby Shirt & Shorts, jeans, a ring and 3 essential oil rollers. He chooses Bliss, Strength & Love. I think that’s lovely! All the things he ‘wishes for the missus’.

Sending all the best vibes to the universe for a happy and safe holiday period. Grab those relatives and hug them tight. Ignore the pesky Uncle or Aunty. It’s not worth an argument. 😊

Big Love

Max – Bohemian Spirit

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