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Mornings are for sunrises and your dog

After a restless night's sleep. I wake early for a walk. Me and my best friend, Savvy the Staffy!!

Always willing and ready for a walk by the water.

In the moments before the sun rises. I take in the beauty of our lovely town of Tea Gardens. It’s quiet, only the tweets and chirps of the early rising birds. Just gorgeous. Two pelicans fly into view. Swooping in, turning in unison. Like jet fighters. Savvy gets excited! I imagine she’s thinking, ‘I’ll get one of those big buggers one day’.

We walk to the wharf by the boat ramp. We sit at the end looking over the water, no breeze today, no ripples in the water. The air is cool but nothing the light jumper can’t handle. I hope for the sound and then site of a dolphin coming up for air. Not today, maybe tomorrow.

Savvy is settled, sitting beside me, instead on me for a change. This is it, a time to reflect and then maybe a moment or two’s meditation. I cross my legs. Open my palms to the sky and place them on my knees. Ahhhh… peace.

I hear the rumble come slowly towards me. A loud squeak. And then! A big garbage truck ruins the whole bloody thing!! Inner peace gone in a flash of noises. Bottles and rubbish clanging and banging as it hits the inside of the truck.

Oh well…..There’s always coffee!

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A lovely scene in my mind too. 💜🙏

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