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The Happy Shop

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Sunday morning the Hubby comes with me to help open up Vitamin Bead – Bohemian Spirit.

A lovely couple Daisy & Chop enter the store first thing. Waiting out the front, ready to go shopping. They were looking into the shop window after close on Saturday afternoon and couldn’t wait to come back and have a look.

Chop was so excited about the vibe inside; he described it as ‘Happy’. I love this feedback. I’m happy at work, always hoping this resonates. I love meeting new people every day and I also love my regulars. Sometimes they just come in for a quick hello and sometimes they leave 2 hours later.

Chop has a lot of questions for me, where do I source my clothes? Do I choose everything myself? Where did you find this and that? He loves our little town and is surprised at all the facilities it has to offer. He will be taking a ride on the Ferry to Nelson Bay tomorrow. He thinks this will be great fun. This is their first visit to Tea Gardens. I’m sure they’ll be back.

Daisy tries on a lovely summer mini. She looks fabulous. I pack up her dress. She’s ready for the beach or town, it’s a versatile dress. The hubby hands them my business card, he tells them that if you plant in the ground, it will grow flowers. They think this is great. They leave ‘Happy’. Two minutes later chop pops his head back in the store, he must have read the instructions on the back of the card, ‘It grows Daisies! Her name is Daisy’. This makes him even happier.

Sundays are great!

Monday Lunch time, Chop pops his head back in just let me know how his trip on the ferry went. He tells me he told all the ladies on the boat to call in to see my 'Happy' shop. To make me smile even more he is wearing a shirt with Daisies on it!!

People are great!

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