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Waking early, waiting for the birds and Imposter Syndrome

I'm awake too early this morning. No sign of the dawn light creeping through the gap in the curtains. I’m not getting up. Not yet. I’ll wait to hear the sound of the Willy Wag tails. I just love them (Savvy the Staffy not so much). I believe they are the first to wake up ready for their day. I know sometimes the Noisy Minors have a scrap in the night or the Plovers make their usual racket over a predator getting too close, but The Willy Wag tail wakes and is ready to do Wag Tail things.

What feels like an eternity later of lying there and thinking of every stupid thing I have done in my life. I hear them! The Wag Tails. A few minutes later the beautiful morning warble of the Magpie. I imagine them on the dewy grass already looking for worms. Kookaburra’s next and then a multitude of others chime in.

I don’t want to get up now. I’m tired. The last few days ‘Imposter Syndrome’ has set in!! Me in Fashion? Me in front of my phone on social media every second day trying to convince people to buy what I like.

I fall back to sleep. Savvy wakes me. She’s sniffing at the door demanding her walk. I ignore her. Not today my best friend. There’s too large a cloud. I lie there longer, roll over and see a rose quartz Crystal on the bedside table. The love stone. I might need some self-love here. I pick it up place it over my heart and breathe deep. I don’t think it's working. It must be broken.

The only thing that can change my mood is me! Get up. Put on your big girl pants and do what you love.

I love Breakfast. I take myself out. I write this. I’m feeling better. There’s coffee. There’s the river. There’s the sunshine. It’s a glorious day. You got this.

After breakfast I go to my boutique, I open the door. I love it. I know it’s only going to take the first person to walk in to cheer me up and maybe one more coffee!

PS. Don’t fret! Savvy can have an afternoon walk today.

PSS. I kid you not!! Just as I was copying and pasting this post onto the website a Willy Wag Tail flew into my shop. It took a fancy to a pink top hanging near the door. It bumped into it a few times and flew back out.

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