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What new things are you bringing into 2023? Finding my Bohemian.

I love a new year. I also like to say thanks for the one that’s gone. I’m still here. So is my family. I’ve lost a few friends I’m sad to say. We grieve, we trudge along. Slowly, slowly we find our stride. Although we never truly walk the same way again. But thank you 2022. It was great! I loved it. I bought a boutique- who’d of thought? I moved to a small town - who’d of thought? I’m happy. We’re happy!

I rarely stay up to see midnight on New Year’s Eve anymore. It’s not important, but I believe what the New Year will bring is! Of course, everyone’s ideas of this are different. Some people make resolutions, some make a wish. I’m not normally about either of these but this year I might make a resolution and a wish. Or maybe it’s not really either. Maybe it’s just a goal! How ever I look at it. It’s up to me. No point in an unrealistic resolution or wishing for something. So, it’s a goal. And my goal is to find the time to not only appreciate art but to finally take it up again. Business wise? To advance my online sales. This is an extension of the boutique. A way to keep the doors open and to prop up sales in the winter months when Tea Gardens is returned to the locals and only a handful of visitors come to stay or come just for the day.

I’m sure this will be hard work, but I will also need to find time for me and my family. How will I achieve this? I’m not sure yet. I think it goes hand in hand with ‘work smarter not harder’. I might need to limit the height of my goal. Be realistic. I’m a party of 2!!

Ultimately this will not be achievable if I don’t surround myself with the right people. The people that compliment my life. Bring positivity to my world. Definitely not the people that only look for negativity in every situation. Those that find insult in every word, even when no insult is there. Those that throw in back handed compliments or disagree with your choices just to satisfy their own agenda or boost their own self esteem. These people will leave my space in 2023 - happy to say there is only a few. This is a part of how I will grow and achieve my goal.

My family being my most important and positive influence in my life and my most grounding will probably not understand or even realise their part.

The supportive husband that didn’t even blink an eye when I told him I wanted to buy the boutique. Sure, he had questions, but it was ultimately up to me. If you want it, you buy it! So glad I did. My amazing boys who have both grown into lovely young men. Always full of encouraging words and advice.

So, what am I bringing into 2023? A new positive, self-aware, enlightened person. To take my love of art and newfound love of writing and try, finally, to put it to paper, canvas or clay. A bohemian spirit that works hard but still has the time to be self-aware. To live life in the moments and prepare well for when its needed.

My suggestion for everyone in 2023 - Go find your Bohemian Spirit. Enlighten all the senses. Feel the earth beneath your feet, smell the sea air, stare at the ocean or the forest, taste something different and listen to the birds - they have so much to say. But most importantly; listen to you! Grab all 5 senses and create something. Create an event with family and friends with many moments to hang onto. Start a diary, a blog, take up an art class, a sport, anything. Do something new!

So, with my newfound Bohemian, I announce the boutiques new name - Bohemian Spirit. This will take some time to change over. We will get there.

Happy New year everyone.

Big Love for 2023 and beyond - Max

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They are very Inspiring words Max

Happy New Year to you

I too wish to tap into my Creative side 😁

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