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Bohemian Spirit sells a range of skincare products including Lemon Myrtle and Moo Goo. 

Moo Goo is family-owned. Australian-made.
Moo Goo is an Australian company with a full line of gentle, natural products that are manufactured with effective ingredients and no gimmicks. 

Natural Ingredients
All of MooGoo's products are created using premium, edible, natural ingredients to care for the face and scalp. Free of phenoxyethanol, parabens, and paraffin.

Green Business

Don't be put off bu the company name because it doesn't contain the words "Earth," "Nature," or "Enviro," be assure they are one of the most environmentally conscious skin care companies around.

When creating a new product, Moo Goo first put in the work to determine which components will work best to address a particular issue. They then finally come up with a formula after much trial and error, and begin the testing procedure on themselves. If they enjoy it, then they invite friends and family to try it as well. If they concur, then the product is manufactured.  They will either change it or abandon it if the testers don't like it. There are many more factors involved, but all products are thoroughly tested before going into production.

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